XL vs 1XL, the most confusing size

As if clothes shopping isn't hard enough, the sizing as you get to an XL changes and can be frustrating. I get asked this question often, so wanted to share my understanding. But note, everything varies by brand. My best advice is to ignore the size on the label & wear what makes you feel best! 

XL is a "missy" cut, generally covering sizes 14-16. 1XL is a "plus" cut, generally covering the 14-16W. So what gives here? Why 2 sizes that all seem the same? It's going to be the cut.

A XL and a 1XL in the same item and same brand will be cut different, with the plus cut being a curvier fit with more room for boobs, hips & thighs. Occasionally you will also so a 0X, which is smaller than a 1XL, close to a curvy cut Large. 

Most of our items don't have an XL, they just jump to 1XL. In the flowy tops and dresses, the difference between an XL and a 1XL is minimal, so they will generally pick one or the other. I lived in this space between an XL and 1XL for years, and found that I could mostly wear either size; which gave me more options to chose from! 

What to watch for if you are in the sizing area:

- Fit: If the item is fitted, as for chest or hip measurements, then measure something that already fits you to know how they compare. 

- Stretch: If the item has stretch, you may be fine in either size. If the item has no stretch, you may want to go up. 

- Flow: If it is flowy, think about how you want to item to fit on you and size up or down to get that right look. 

- Length: If you are shorter or taller, you may want to take length into account. I generally size up for length.

If you still aren't sure, reach out to one of us and we will be happy to help walk you through a decision. We want you to love your clothes and how they make you feel! 

October 16, 2017 — Melissa Mitchell
Tags: Sizing XL
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